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Trainings organization

Most of our courses are organised online.


Courses are primarily designed for just one day. It is mainly considered an effective way of learning rather than focusing on more than one training day. Courses are mainly focused on parallel programming on CPUs and GPUs and acceleration of your scientific software on supercomputers. For example, OpenMP, MPI, OpenACC, CUDA, and OpenMP Offloading using programming languages such as C/C++ and FORTRAN. Plus, also we focus on Python, R, Matlab and Julia to parallelize your application. Regarding the software acceleration, GROMACS, CFD and FEM software, material science and bioinformatics, etc., will be offered.

  • The one-day training consists of three stages:
    • preparation (pre-preparation to follow up on the lecture and practicals)
    • lecture (introduction and focus on the course topic)
    • practicals (hands-on session)


Bootcamps are usually one- or two-day events designed to teach scientists and researchers how to start quickly accelerating codes on modern processors (for example, GPUs). Participants will be introduced to available libraries, programming models, and platforms. They will learn the basics of parallel (CPU, GPU and hybrid) programming through extensive hands-on collaboration based on real-life codes using the parallel programming model.


Hackathons are dedicated for a longer duration; it could be up to one or two months. During the hackathons, participants mainly focus on the HPC problems (HPC, AI and HPDA) that come from industry, particularly local Luxembourg industries. Participants will be grouped into many and each group member will get mentors from organizers (for example, Nvidia) and also from experts from supercomputing NCC Luxembourg. At the end of the event, there will also be a winner and prize for outstanding contribution.

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